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Setting up the GCC cross-compilation toolchain to make your own Ndless C/C++ programs on Linux is easy thanks to the script of the Ndless SDK, but a bit long as everything needs to be built from scratch.

We’re now introducing the Ndless SDK Docker image. Docker is a platform to build and share applications through lightweight containers. The Ndless SDK Docker image packs the Ndless SDK and all its dependencies.

First make sure to update your Linux box to the latest version of Docker. Then run the two commands:

$ sudo docker pull ndless/ndless-sdk
$ git clone

Add bin-docker/ to your PATH and here you go! All nspire-* commands will automatically be propagated to the Docker container.

[2014-08-27]: Change Docker Hub repo and GitHub repo URLs to latest.

Debugging without debugger can sometimes be a pain. For instance host USB isn’t implemented by the TI-Nspire computer emulator nspire_emu, and troubleshooting my USB drivers on-calc is becoming impossible.

I have decided to implement OCD, an on-calc debugger that mirrors most of nspire_emu debugger’s commands. I know calc84maniac started something similar a while ago, but unfortunately lost its source code.

The debugger must be linked to the program to debug as a static library. The debugger console will show up when a breakpoint is hit.

TI-Nspire developers, download it and help me improve it :) It hasn’t been extensively tested yet, please report any issue. It isn”t yet compatible with the CX because of nspireio on which it depends.

Many thanks to Goplat for some tricky code I have reused from nspire_emu such as the disassembler, and compu for the nice nspireio library I have slightly adapted for my needs.


We are getting ready for 8 colorful rockets, stay tuned…


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