Luna bug fixes

Luna v0.2a is now available, which fixes nasty bugs making it sometimes unusable. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks to Goplat and Levak. Make3D can now be fully converted with Luna, either the debug version or the library version.

You should also have a look at Levak’s useful script for nspire_emu to dump XML documents of arbitrary size, that can be combined with his other script to extract a Lua source code written on-calc with oclua.


14 thoughts on “Luna bug fixes

  1. pleeeeeeeease!
    I need the CAS OS so much on my non-cas CX.

    (I didn’t get the CAS device because I need to be able to turn off CAS when needed).

  2. No, this release of Luna was not intented to support Ndless 3.
    The release of Ndless depends on the free time I have to work on it, which cannot really be planned. It won’t be “days” anyway…

  3. You guys should really calm down, Ndless 3 is a very complex and time-consuming piece of software. We have to be patient for now, I’m sure ExtendeD will take his time, but it will be worth it. And we also have to remember that ExtendeD can’t just spend 24/7 working on it, he has other things to do in life.

    Either way, the updates are pretty cool, thanks!

  4. ExtendeD, I’m just wondering if it just you or do you have a “team” of people working on the projects like Luna or Ndless

  5. ExtendedD, That is unfortunate, but is there anything that the community as a whole should be doing to help you? Like look though Lua 5.1.4 source for vulnerabilities or etc.?

  6. Umm.. I accidentally updated my CX CAS to 3.1.0, which also updated the boot2. Will ndless 3 work on 3.1 or do I have to build this USB TTL RS232 Adapter to make a downgrade to 3.0.2?


  7. ExtendeD, keep going on the nSpire development! I certainly appreciate what you do, and I hope ndless 3.0 is just around the corner.

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