15 thoughts on “Ndless 3 preview

      1. “Old” what? Nspire model? That’s fine if you want to do so, but it’s nothing more than messing around with a toy — considering most people have already upgraded to OS 3.0. I have just set my stopwatch to see how long TI will take to bring this down.

    1. In reply to this comment and the other reply, Ndless 3 is aimed for OS 3.0, isn’t it? :) This Ndless is for them. And most people do _not_ upgrade their OSes that often. Only Apple products (iOS) have updates that people would care about (or at least feel like they need to care about)…

      The jailbreaking community (iOS) has a LOT more issues to deal with than OS signing – code signing (yes, to RUN code you need it signed), and even more significant, per-device OS signing. (Yes, every iPod/iPhone/iPad device signature + encryption = OS device signature – without it, you can’t install at all). If they can overcome these obstacle, why can’t we? Look at where they are now – full package management system, desktop (SpringBoard) customization system, plenty of OS mods, and serious improvements that have even made their way to the official iOS! So what if Apple releases updates to their OS? It’s inevitable, just like with TI. Yet, the jailbreak devs still have all iOS versions and devices covered for jailbreaking! If they can do that, why not us?

      In the end, there are indeed some improvements to be had – more specifically, a better developer API and SDK. But to undermine the value of Ndless or the developers’ efforts is to admit cowardly defeat to TI, and to let all the work go to waste, not letting its potential shine.

      So in the end, be happy that these guys are as dedicated as they are to making Ndless – support them, don’t ridicule them! :) So what if it took time? The first iPhone JB came out only a month after the first release of the iPhone itself… and this was due to many developers working on the same issue. Someday, we might see some awesome APIs to work with on the Nspire! :D

      1. — If they can overcome these obstacle, why can’t we? —

        Think about the number of users.
        Then, think about the average user level in IT and reverse-engineering process.

        This will explain “why” there isn’t so much activity around jail breaking TI OSes, because there is a lack of interested developpers. Iphone is well known all over the world, you ask you’re friend, he knows it. Now, ask him about the Nspire, the result will be farly different.

        Yes there are developpers and good hackers (ExtendeD is one of them), but there are not as many as the iPhone community. It is not a question of “hacking possibility”, it is a question of time and of number.

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