Ndless 3 progress: program loader

Mario run by Ndless 3
Mario run by Ndless 3
(run as-is without rebuild)


23 thoughts on “Ndless 3 progress: program loader

  1. Wonderful. Will it work with the CX and CX CAS? It would be amazing to play GBC games in full color on a calculator, especially the one I just got.

  2. On TI-Planet it is said that programs must be recompiled for the 16-bits screen buffer of the CX. So if programmers modify and recompile their programs, there is a good chance they will word.

    Source: Critor on TI-Planet:

    “Autre bonne nouvelle, ExtendeD annonce même une compatibilité ascendante pour les TI-Nspire ClickPad & TouchPad. Pas besoin de recompiler: tous les programmes Ndless 2 remarcheront directement! ;)

    Par contre, ce ne sera pas le cas pour les TI-Nspire CX, le buffer écran passant de 4-bits à 16-bits. Espérons donc que les auteurs des différents programmes Ndless 2 seront au rendez-vous.”

  3. Do the programs use a hardcoded address for the screen buffer or a variable? If they use a variable, Ndless could probably put up a fake grayscale screen buffer somewhere, point the variable to it and convert it to 16-bit color on the fly, though the fact that interrupts are often disabled might be an obstacle.

    1. So when Ndless 3 comes out I have to update to 3.1 right? If so no big deal, I’ll just play the Awesome Lua games that are already out until then.

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