NESpire in colors
Credits: Adriweb for the picture, Goplat for the updated NESpire.


5 thoughts on “Colors!

  1. YEAAAHHH….I m so happy!!! …..i have the CX and there are only some stubid games….I WANT GB-GAMES :DD…..AWESOME!!!!!good work dude!

  2. Yeah, it’s not too fair to use that kind of words to qualify Lua games…
    Obviously, native code will always remain much more powerful and much faster than TI’s interpreted, non-standard Lua (many functions from the standard Lua libraries were removed, many platform-specific functions were added).
    However, Lua programming on the Nspire is young, and it would be surprising if TI had no plans for expanding the scope of their Lua, and reducing the huge functionality gap between their Lua and native code.

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