More colors…

gbc4nspire on CX
Credits to calc84maniac for gbc4nspire.


9 thoughts on “More colors…

  1. The question is of course: If this works well enough for people to be porting their code to it, why is it not in your SVN yet? (And yes, I did an svn update before asking, to double-check.)

    1. Don’t reply to Kevin Kofler he has no idea of what hacking means. Reading his comments it seems that his only wish is to have TI correct the backdoors.

      [admin] Personal attacks removed. Please follow the Netiquette and just avoid the conversation if you dislike some comments.

      1. TI will “correct” the backdoors anyway. Keeping the code private only keeps developers (other than the few privileged alpha testers) from developing against it (or even helping with the development of Ndless itself) and users from trying it out.

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