Now reboot-proof

This was probably not obvious in the previous posts, but the current alpha version of Ndless 3 required a computer-based installation after each reboot of the calculator.

The latest (internal) update now includes a reboot-proof installer, as in Ndless v1.0! Just install it one time and here you go.

reboot-proof Ndless


14 thoughts on “Now reboot-proof

  1. Wow, that’s awesome, but.. is it removable if it’s installed once?

    Also I wanted to ask, what about not releasing the Source Code of Ndless 3.1 until TI “fixed” it (I don’t talk about the SDK)? Maybe it’s harder for them to debug..

  2. Hey Extended, Do you think you will be able to release this before February 2012? I’m not trying to rush anything, but unfortunately if I can’t get it before Feb, I will have to wait a while…

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