Here’s an early preview of USB-host support for native (Ndless) TI-Nspire programs. The TI-Nspire OS uses a customized version of the *BSD USB stack (and by the way does not respect the terms of the BSD license  which  requires that “redistributions in binary form [to] reproduce the [*BSD] copyright”). This means that writing community USB drivers with *BSD usbdi API should be possible, and porting existing *BSD drivers much easier.

The demo only requires a few lines of code. It runs in background and just displays the vendor and product info as returned by usbd_devinfo() at the top of the screen (you may need to zoom in to see it) when the USB device is plugged in. I unfortunately cannot take any video, my camera would make it too blurry.

I have successfully tested a flash drive, a mouse dongle and my old Sony eBook Reader. Strangely my Android phone wouldn’t advertise itself, maybe because 10 years separate the old TI-Nspire USB stack and the one used by the phone…