USB devices

Here’s an early preview of USB mouse support with Ndless:

Support for USB keyboard is currently very unstable but on the way.

Stay tuned, more soon.


15 thoughts on “USB devices

  1. Wow, that sounds so useful too since the Nspire has cursor navigation already.

    The topic title reminded me of something else though: are there any plans (anywhere) to make the Nspire act like an ordinary USB device, like the Casio Prizm?

    1. Regarding your last question:
      AFAIK the USB stack to act as an USB device has not yet been found. But, you could always mix the TiLP libs and FUSE to get what you want :)

      Very nice work ExtendeD!

    1. This might become possible, but at the moment communication with USB devices is only possible within OS applications and not native ones. It requires several OS threads to be running, suspended when native applications are run.

  2. I just found your site. I have TI-Nspire CX and have just loaded your software on to it.

    I’m curious…are there other USB devices that can be used…I’m looking to see if I can use a USB Flash Drive to store large files (Gameboy Roms and movies) and then use the Nspire to access those files through the USB drive.

    Keep up the work and thank you for your time and effort

    1. The cord is a female USB to male mini-USB. You can buy them on amazon fairly cheaply, or you can splice your own. You might have trouble finding a female USB end, though.

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