27 months since Ndless v1.0 was released, opening the TI-Nspire calculator to third-party development,

28000 downloads of Ndless v3.1 since January 2012,

3.2 compatibility hopefully coming.

Thank you for your support!


9 thoughts on “Counting

    1. Jocs, integrating it with the OS cursor and keyboard event handler is now the tricky part. It’s in standby at the moment because of another project, but I should get back to it soon.

    1. Each release of a new version of the TI-Nspire OS requires a major effort and the contribution of several testers of the SDK and the installer for stability and non-regression.
      TI decided to remain blind about the opportunities of Ndless and community of native developpers, and to openly lock even thighter the TI-Nspire devices.
      I unfortunately can’t commit to any release date because of the very nature of the work we are forced to undertake.

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