Yet another Luna update + oclua for 3.2

Luna v0.3a fixes a compatibility problem with some unicode characters such as chinese ones. Sorry about it and thanks wtof1996 for reporting it.

It also skips the UTF-8 BOM added by some text editor to the .lua file to convert. Hopefully the popup  “An error was found in the format of this document” won’t annoy you anymore.

oclua (v0.1a) has also been rebuilt with this Luna to you let you use the new OS 3.2 Lua API.

The release of a possible official on-calc Lua editor is being too much delayed by TI. oclua was more of a proof-of-concept than an application ready to use. Fortunately yatto has worked on a nice editor called LuaCS which you can find on the French It features syntax highlighting, code snippets and indentation. Translation of menus is under way. It doesn’t yet offer native integration of a code runner and must be used together with oclua. Levak has started to work on this in his own (currently unstable) fork .

TI’s integration of Lua in the TI-Nspire was a first step for an officially supported true development experience, but is far from being complete. Let us put these projects to good use and explore how we can benefit from the new OS 3.2 Chipmunk-based physics engine!


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