More nice TI-Nspire native stuff

Ndless was built to give advanced users and hackers full control over the TI-Nspire for extension, customization and experiment. Ndless would obviously be useless without users’ native (C or ARM assembly) programs authored with its SDK. Interesting ones were lately released that you shouldn’t miss.

Levak’s ThemeEditor gives access to the hidden built-in colors customization features of the TI-Nspire OS. The latest version supports community themes importation/exportation.

AlexRider38’s bloody theme would for example make your home screen looks like this:

lkj submitted a classic but sweet Pacman for‘s programming contest which 2012 theme was Artificial Intelligence. Math, Science and Computer Science are actually not far from each other, and Pacman on the TI-Nspire should prove it. Curious ones should have a look at its source code.

critor’s original author of TNOC, the computer-side memory saving utility and downgrade protection breaker for the TI-Nspire has released an on-calc Ndless-based version of it called nTNOC. Try it if you want to optimize your memory space without having to reinstall the OS as required by the original TNOC.

Finally the famous author of the GB/GBC emulator for TI-Nspire calc84maniac will hopefully hit again with the GBA emulator he’s working on, a rather difficult challenge for such a constrained device the TI-Nspire is.

(credits to for the preview).

An update of the Ndless SDK should soon be released to make the set up easier and provide a pre-configured editor for C development with built-in options for project creation, build and program emulation.

If you are learning C or are already a C developer, pushing the limit further is just a few clicks (and lines of code) away…


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