Introducing the new Ndless SDK

Ever wanted to build the next killing hack for the TI-Nspire, write another amazing emulator or port one of the hundred SDL-based games and applications with nSDL?

Ndless now has a fully fledged Software Development Kit which makes development of Ndless-compatible native programs easier than ever. The SDK features:

  • Development tools provided as a single installation-less package, to edit, build and test your own programs
  • A SciTE-based editor tuned for C development for the TI-Nspire
  • 1-click project creation and build
  • TI-Nspire emulator integration, with automatic program transfer
  • nspireio and nSDL libraries integration

Get the Ndless SDK and follow the new 10 minute step-by-step tutorial!


8 thoughts on “Introducing the new Ndless SDK

  1. I wonder is there a C-Debugger in this development kit? Nevertheless its really great to have such a easy to use development kit :) . Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Ext…D’d. I like the whole ndless idea from the ground-up. However, i think you should add some more ‘charming’ samples to the sdk. e.g. some simple games, like pacman, etc. I know that documentation is a real pita sometimes, but you’ve done already such a great job, that i really think you (or someone willing to help that knows ndless well enough) should do the ‘charming’ homework. My 2 cents. Take care and congrats.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Well, the last paragraph it’s quite a good point with an easy solution, i reckon. why don’t you just place a post at omnimaga/ti-planet/elsewhere asking for ndless sdk application/games/demos contributions? i’m sure you’ll get a few positive answers. Probably, you should also specify some sort of format/size. keep up the good work. cheers.

  3. lol, this sdk is amazing :P .I’m in the middle of learing C through my university and for starters i can apply some nooby knowledge on my calculator. thank you very much.

    Im looking forward to the integration of the gdb debugger to the emulator. :)

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