USB keyboard driver demo

I have received several requests about the current status of the support for USB host transfers with Ndless.

With too many ongoing projects the work was suspended, but I have been recently able to integrate the *BSD USBI API to the Ndless trunk and clean up and improve the USB keyboard driver. This may remind you of the TI-Keyboard that Texas Instruments released a few years ago for the previous calculator series and discontinued… but it’s now compatible with any USB keyboard and an $1 USB adapter :)

Here is a quick preview, I hope to make it public with the whole API within a month (YouTube seems to hate my camera’s video format and destroyed much of it, sorry for the poor quality :()


10 thoughts on “USB keyboard driver demo

    1. I have only had the time to have a quick look at the USB spec and the *BSD sound driver, but nothing is in development. Releasing the keyboard and then the mouse drivers and an updated SDK with USB definitions is my priority.

      Unfortunately porting *BSD drivers as is isn’t really possible because of their many dependencies, and rewriting them is a better solution but much more tricky one. Maybe the ongoing project to port Linux to the TI-Nspire will be a better option for compatiblity with a broad range of USB devices.

  1. Wow! Amazing! Just what I’ve been looking for. Have you made any progress on this?
    Is there an easy way to release the drivers for you?

    1. Nick, I have unfortunately been busy lately and couldn’t work much more on it. I’ll probably release the driver as is to make it possible for anyone to play with it and improve it.

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