Ndless for China

A port of Ndless to the TI-Nspire Chinese model CM-C has been available for a few months through Levak‘s fork.

Support for the CM-C and CM-C CAS has now been officially integrated, and opens the emulators, extensionsplayersUSB drivers and a hundred other programs to the Chinese community: get Ndless 3.1 r786 or higher!

(Thanks to Adriweb for the tests and video)


3 thoughts on “Ndless for China

  1. Dear ndless staff, is the ndless software updated for the newest nspire firmware? 


    1. Zac, if you are asking when Ndless will be ported to the latest OS 3.2: upgrading Ndless between each OS version requires a lot of work because of the cat & mouse game TI forces us to play. The update to 3.2 is currently not my priority because of the other ongoing projects in which I prefer to invest.

      But if you don’t want to make a choice between OS 3.2 features and Ndless programs, you can have a look at NLaunch which allows to dual-boot between both. Installing it is not straightforward but there is a good tutorial there: https://github.com/bibanon/android-development-codex/wiki/Nspire-Nlaunch

  2. Hi, I like to portability to ti nspire cm-c for Ndless, but a have a problem, I want install OS CAS CM-C to my calculator, is possible?
    Thanks and good day.

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