Shoot ‘N Up!

After Mraklopaz and critor’s nDOOM port of Doom for the TI-Nspire in 2011, rwill joins the community with a challenging project: porting Quake… and it looks rather good!

(credits to gameblabla for the video)

Matrefeytontias is also making great progress on his Ikaruga-inspired game written from scratch in C++, nKaruga.


4 thoughts on “Shoot ‘N Up!

  1. I updated my TI NSpire CX CAS with new software. I tried to reinstall ndless, but each time I press menu to begin installation it messes up. I cannot install it. Please let me know what I can do.

    1. Angela, what do you mean exactly by “messed up”?
      Note that Ndless is currently not compatible with the just released OS 3.9. Downgrading from OS 3.9 is unfortunately not possible, you’ll have to wait for an updated Ndless.

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