Ndless and OS 3.9

Ndless is currently not compatible with OS 3.9. OS 3.9 has (once again) a downgrade protection that blocks downgrade to OS 3.6, do not upgrade to OS 3.9.

Unfortunately nothing can be announced for the moment about any upcoming Ndless update. Just stick to OS 3.6.

New users who just bought a TI-Nspire with OS 3.9 pre-installed will have to wait a bit for a solution (and there’s have always been one since 2010). Sorry for the delay, you can subscribe to this blog to be notified.

9 thoughts on “Ndless and OS 3.9

    1. @S your dream just came true… Texas released OS 4.0. I don’t see new changes. I installed it on a dummy calc i have here. i will probably downgrade it with arduino, just to see what i can do.

      1. @LurkingLurker You wil have to use a RS232 interface and arduino uno. Connect it to the dock port, flash boot2 as 3.1 and use nlaunchy to install any os you want. nlaunchy will ignore the dowgrade protection. Then, in nlaunch, install a ndlessable OS and use nsNandMgr to remove downgrade protection.

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