OS 4.0: Please Wait!

As you may know Ndless tightly integrates with the TI-Nspire OS, and each installer is developed for a specific OS version.

The latest Ndless 3.6/3.9 is not compatible with OS 4.0. Do not upgrade to OS 4.0 at the moment as you won’t able to downgrade and use Ndless! If you want to know more about the OS dowgrade protection and the cat and mouse game between Ndless and TI, read this post.

You should know that updating the Ndless installer is hard work. Please subscribe to new posts to be notified once its ready. No ETA can be given, sorry for the  annoyance if you were wrongly adviced to update by Student Software (and blame TI for it).

47 thoughts on “OS 4.0: Please Wait!

  1. The only reason I want to install ndless is to overclock the calculator so that it will work quicker during exams, not to allow me to cheat.

  2. ohh no :/ when i crashed my nspire cx i buy new nspire cx CAS :D and i look for number of sys. version and its 4.0 :( plees create a fix soon :D .. emm aand how far did you please ? :)

  3. I have a CX CAS L running OS 4, is there a way to downgrade to 3.9??
    I don’t know if knowing my boot2 can help.


  4. Hey ExtendeD any update on progress on OS 4? Like others I bought a new CX after my 3.1 was stolen and it was pre installed 4.

  5. Hello, I just recently got a TI NSpire CX, and I am new to Ndless. I was wondering, are calculators with Ndless on it allowed for use in official exams, such as the SAT? Please help, thank you.

    1. Technically? Who knows. In reality? Who would ever know. If it’s not a CAS (which is okay on SAT but not ACT) there is no outward markings that would give it away, and nobody actually checks the software on your calculator.

      That being said, the SAT rules would be verry difficult to break, as they allow the CAS and Ti-89 anyway. As for the ACT, you would need a third party algebra solver to even count as cheating. So I would say Ndless itself would not be a problem, even if anyone found out (which they would not).

  6. My TI Nspire CX CAS JUST FORCED ME TO UPGRADE! I hit a button and out of nowhere BOOM, it restarts, loads up, and says “Operating system not found, install OS now”. Download same, 3.9 OS online from a forum and TI PC software says you cannot install “older” software even though it is the same exact version. I am forced to install 4.0 or I have a BRICK for a calculator!

    All I was doing was calculus homework!

    We will eventually need Ndless 4.0.

    I vowed never to upgrade to 4.0 so that I could overclock, now I have no choice if I want anything besides a rectangular plastic doorstop with lots of buttons.

  7. This update has taken much longer compared to the past updates… Any progress to announce? I am getting very worried.

  8. Now, it was released 4.0.3. I still havent understood how all this Boot1.5 works. Does anyone knows if it is actually reflashable to boot2 3.1 and removing the boot1.5 by USB-TTL?

  9. Hey, My TI-nspir CX CAS is, and i wanted to install ndless 4.0. so I made a file named “ndless” and pasted files: “ndless_installer_4.0.3_cascx”, “ndless_resources”. After I opened the “ndless_installer_4.0.3_cascx” file and pressed Ctrl+W, and it poped out to main menu but the green words on left top corner was missing. I have tried several times but it just don’t work. So, I thought it was not supose to have green words. So I went ahead and downloaded and moved the gba emulator and game DOS files. But it still wont work. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

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