Ndless for OS 4.0.3 released

I must first apologize for the endless flow of unanswered requests for updates.

The long awaited Ndless 4.0 is out thanks to the hard work of the team, compatible with OS 4.0.3. It will let you run native programs on the latest TI-Nspires. The installation (and reinstallation on crash/reboot) does not require to be connected to a computer for a smoother experience.

Get Ndless 4.0.
Follow the installation guide.
Load your TI-Nspire with native programs (maybe crafti or MicroPython?)

35 thoughts on “Ndless for OS 4.0.3 released

  1. Does the Boot2 and Boot1.5 let me flash the past versions of Boot2 with nsnandmgr? My calc is HW-C, i know it can run.

      1. Will this work by TTL interface? If future versions come out, I want to test them :)

      1. Oh, didn’t knew that. I assumed there is. :) I’m stuck on 3.6 anyways because there is no ndless for 3.9.. :(

        Thank you for replying.

  2. Haha! I literally got my CX CAS replacement (lost the old one :( ) today. First thing I do is go to get ndless, and lo and behold, here it is, not a moment too soon.

  3. Hey, My TI-nspire CX CAS is, and i wanted to install ndless 4.0. so I made a file named “ndless” and pasted files: “ndless_installer_4.0.3_cascx”, “ndless_resources”. After I opened the “ndless_installer_4.0.3_cascx” file and pressed Ctrl+W, and it poped out to main menu but the green words on left top corner was missing. I have tried several times but it just don’t work. So, I thought it was not supose to have green words. So I went ahead and downloaded and moved the gba emulator and game DOS files. But it still wont work. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

    1. It can happen if the installer doesn’t find the “ndless_resources” file.

      Are you sure you put the “ndless” folder at the root of the documents tree ?
      It means at the same level than the “MyLib” or “Example” folders.

  4. I have a TI-nspire CX CAS, and I would like to have ndless on it.
    I created the “ndless” folder under the “My Documents” section and copied the “ndless_installer_4.0.3_cascx” and “ndless_resources” files to that folder.
    However, once I run the installer and press CTRL+W, it goes to the TI-nspire loading screen and then to a new screen with a gray criss-cross background and a watch in the center. After that, it returns to the home page and no green letters appear say it was installed. Is anyone else having this problem?

    The product code on the back is “P-1115W” if that helps.

  5. Is it possible to downgrade back to 3.6? Some programs don’t work on 4.2 (because the calc doesn’t reboot)

      1. Hey there Vogtinator, I’ve been reading some of your posts and you really helped me a lot and I thank you for that but I’d like to raise a question. When I take a file from my CX CAS on .TNS and I need it in the original form, how I remove the .TNS extension? I’m asking because I’d like to play my pokemon saves(.SAV files) in the pc emulator and then pass it to .TNS again so I can play later on my CX CAS. I know I only have to name it .TNS to get the file on .TNS form but I don’t know how to get it back to its original form :/

  6. Is there a fix for Revision W yet? I have Revision W on 4.0.3 and it doesn’t work. Can someone please tell me what is wrong? I have created an ndless folder under My Documents and I added the installer for 4.0.3 CX CAS and the resources.

  7. I assume this will not work with the dual boot method (CAS 3.2, regular os 4.0.3)? If it does, I’d update instantly.

  8. Hello, this page has been very helpful but sadly my Ti-nspire cx is on version 4.3 and I have tried everything to downgrade it and replace it but it will not work. I was just curious if a version of ndless will ever arrive for 4.3? Thank you

  9. I have problems with installing ndless. I use the right version and the cx file but my calculator always crashes. Can somebody help me?

  10. Ok, so i did everything to install ndless, i put the correct files in a seperate folder named nless and everything, well when i launch nless and the ctrl w thing shows up, it reboots the calculator but thats it. Nless is not installed. Can anyone help?

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