Regarding OS 4.3

We usually don’t give any ETA regarding Ndless updates. This will unfortunately also be true for the latest OS 4.3, which is incompatible with the current Ndless revision.

Ndless will be updated as long as there will be contributors willing to spend their time for the community (see this previous post to understand how difficult it can be).

You can subscribe to the blog or to issue #48 of the GitHub project to follow the update.

10 thoughts on “Regarding OS 4.3

  1. So glad to hear this! Please don’t give up, it’s an amazing project and there are still many people out there that would love to see this happen. Ti Nspire is still the best graphing calculator out there. I would love to donate to support the cause.

  2. Please please please make Ndless 4.3. You guys are the only hope for the countless students and people with OS 4.3. I know how guys can do it, since u have had success previously so please guys come thru.
    Thank you so much,work hard and everyone has faith in you.

  3. We all know that ndless is more than just fun, or just an “cool thing” in the calculator.
    The ndless help us all to improve our activities in our studies or work, it really makes an evolution for the development of the mankind.

    We are all counting on you! Keep doing this awesome job!

    By the way… the ndless community could open a donation account, what you say? I would give some help…

  4. I accidentally upgraded to 4.3 and am now unable to install ndless but want it so badly! Please work on it! You guys are the heroes of every student using this calculator! <3

  5. This stupid war with TI has to end. TI has to understand that it isn’t just student at schools that are using the Nspire, but students at universities and even professionals. And those need ndless.

    Maybe if with the installation of the ndless, all those precious resources for school are disabled… or even if the “ndless installed” message stays and the teachers see it… I don’t know… TI has to realize that some Nspire users aren’t school students…

  6. Ty to all for job…we are waiting ndless …great job for old version now we are watign another great job…best regarding

  7. There are a new version of cx cas can you prove if is better to create endless for this new version??? Can i have a answer fo a support??

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