Ndless for OS 4.5.0 released!

Ndless for OS is ready for download!

Some changes in the workflow helped to discover some bugs in Ndless itself which caused some lua extensions like khicas to crash, which are finally fixed now.
Most of those fixes apply to all supported OS versions, so it’s recommended to update ndless_resources.tns even if you’re still on OS 4.4 or older.

Get Ndless 4.5.
Follow the installation guide.
Load your TI-Nspire with native programs (maybe khicas, MicroPython or nQuake?)

4 thoughts on “Ndless for OS 4.5.0 released!

  1. Any news about an update for the CXII/5.0.0? I’m really looking forward to it and happy to beta test if that’s an option haha

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