Regarding OS 4.3

We usually don’t give any ETA regarding Ndless updates. This will unfortunately also be true for the latest OS 4.3, which is incompatible with the current Ndless revision.

Ndless will be updated as long as there will be contributors willing to spend their time for the community (see this previous post to understand how difficult it can be).

You can subscribe to the blog or to issue #48 of the GitHub project to follow the update.

Ndless for OS 4.0.3 released

I must first apologize for the endless flow of unanswered requests for updates.

The long awaited Ndless 4.0 is out thanks to the hard work of the team, compatible with OS 4.0.3. It will let you run native programs on the latest TI-Nspires. The installation (and reinstallation on crash/reboot) does not require to be connected to a computer for a smoother experience.

Get Ndless 4.0.
Follow the installation guide.
Load your TI-Nspire with native programs (maybe crafti or MicroPython?)

OS 4.0: Please Wait!

As you may know Ndless tightly integrates with the TI-Nspire OS, and each installer is developed for a specific OS version.

The latest Ndless 3.6/3.9 is not compatible with OS 4.0. Do not upgrade to OS 4.0 at the moment as you won’t able to downgrade and use Ndless! If you want to know more about the OS dowgrade protection and the cat and mouse game between Ndless and TI, read this post.

You should know that updating the Ndless installer is hard work. Please subscribe to new posts to be notified once its ready. No ETA can be given, sorry for the  annoyance if you were wrongly adviced to update by Student Software (and blame TI for it).

Ndless Freshest Update: 3.9!

The Ndless Team devotes itself to open your TI-Nspire to the greatest community programs, OS update after OS update since 2009. We have once again reopened the door for OS versions 3.9.0 and 3.9.1. TI-Nspires sold with pre-built OS 3.9.1 (HW-S) can now enjoy the sweet taste.

If you already have Ndless 3.6 for OS 3.6 installed, stick to it as OS 3.9 doesn’t offer much interesting, and Ndless 3.9 re-installation after reboot is computer-dependent.

Owners of HW-S, grab your can on!

Ndless is back for OS 3.9!

You should actually forget OS 3.9 which doesn’t bring anything interesting for users expect the usual anti-Ndless/anti-downgrade protection.

Get the new DowngradeFix 3.9 to uninstall OS 3.9 and (re)install OS 3.6, compatible with Ndless 3.6, the TI-Nspire calculator jailbreak. Make sure to follow all the steps described in the tutorial.

Many thanks to the usual enthusiasts who worked  hard on it behind the scenes.

You will now be able to try out the Ndless-powered MicroPython port and its PyWrite editor. Python is an interesting alternative to Lua and the #1 programming language for learning programming.

downgradefix 3.9

Ndless and OS 3.9

Ndless is currently not compatible with OS 3.9. OS 3.9 has (once again) a downgrade protection that blocks downgrade to OS 3.6, do not upgrade to OS 3.9.

Unfortunately nothing can be announced for the moment about any upcoming Ndless update. Just stick to OS 3.6.

New users who just bought a TI-Nspire with OS 3.9 pre-installed will have to wait a bit for a solution (and there’s have always been one since 2010). Sorry for the delay, you can subscribe to this blog to be notified.

New Docker Development Environment

Setting up the GCC cross-compilation toolchain to make your own Ndless C/C++ programs on Linux is easy thanks to the script of the Ndless SDK, but a bit long as everything needs to be built from scratch.

We’re now introducing the Ndless SDK Docker image. Docker is a platform to build and share applications through lightweight containers. The Ndless SDK Docker image packs the Ndless SDK and all its dependencies.

First make sure to update your Linux box to the latest version of Docker. Then run the two commands:

$ sudo docker pull ndless/ndless-sdk
$ git clone

Add ndless-sdk/bin-docker/ to your PATH and here you go! All nspire-* commands will automatically be propagated to the Docker container.

[2014-08-27]: Change Docker Hub repo and GitHub repo URLs to latest.

Shoot ‘N Up!

After Mraklopaz and critor’s nDOOM port of Doom for the TI-Nspire in 2011, rwill joins the community with a challenging project: porting Quake… and it looks rather good!

(credits to gameblabla for the video)

Matrefeytontias is also making great progress on his Ikaruga-inspired game written from scratch in C++, nKaruga.