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There are still many users of touchpad and clickpad calcs out there, stuck on OS 3.9.0.
This is unfortunate for users of Touchpad CAS calcs, as there is no working Ndless for it.

Additionally, even on Clickpad (CAS/non-CAS) and Touchpad non-CAS, a USB cable and host device were required for the installation, which is rather inconvenient.

Now a separate ndless_installer_3.9.0_classic_new.tns based on the ideas for Ndless 4.4 is now available for all users of 3.9.0 on classic calcs!

The installer is part of the latest ndless download!

We received many requests regarding Ndless for OS 4.3.

However, updating Ndless to support a newer OS release is a lot of time-consuming work, this time it took a bit longer than expected. Long enough that OS 4.4 was getting close enough to just skip 4.3 entirely.

This version was originally meant to be released in a few days, but early tests turned out to be so successful (suspiciously successful) that we decided to just flip the switch earlier.

And here you go: Ndless for OS is ready for download!

Get Ndless 4.4.
Follow the installation guide.
Load your TI-Nspire with native programs (maybe khicas, MicroPython or nQuake?)