This guide helps you to determine and solve problems encountered when installing Ndless v3.1.

It has not been updated yet for Ndless v3.6, but you may post a comment to ask for help.

I can’t downgrade from OS 3.2.4 to OS 3.1

OS 3.1 is required for Ndless v3.1 to work. Unfortunately OS 3.2.4 includes an anti-downgrade protection, and makes Ndless v3.1 impossible to install on some newly bought calculators. You must update to OS 3.6 and use the latest Ndless v3.6.

Student Software displays the error message “the handheld is not responding”

Don’t worry, this message will always appear at the end of the installation. The popup on the calculator side should confirm the success of the installation. No more steps are required and you can start using native programs. Close and reopen Student Software if you want to be able to continue to use it. If the error message still appears, try to reboot the computer.

Student Software displays the error message “The operating system file is corrupted or invalid. Please go to to get a new OS file.”

You are probably trying to install Ndless v3.1 on OS v3.2 or higher. Ndless v3.1 is not compatible with these versions. You must update to OS 3.6 and use the latest Ndless v3.6.

The TI-Nspire reboots when transferring

Make sure:

  • OS v3.1.0.392 is installed on the calculator. You can check this in the Settings -> Status of the TI-Nspire. If not, upgrade the OS before installation.
  • You are using the TI-Nspire Student Software, Teacher Software or  TI-Nspire Computer Link Software v3.2 or higher to send the installer. Previous versions of Computer Link Software are not supported.
  • You are using the latest version of Ndless, i.e. the one with the greatest revision number
  • You have copied ndless_resources.tns  in a top-level directory of the TI-Nspire called ndless (mind the case). The file must be transfered just under ndless, and not to a subdirectory. is rejected when transferred

Make sure you are using the TI-Nspire Student Software to send the file

If you are getting the error “Wrong handheld type for the OS being sent”, check that you are using the good  for you device type:

  • .tno: classic TI-Nspire
  • .tnc: classic TI-Nspire CAS
  • .tco: TI-Nspire CX/CX-M
  • .tcc: TI-Nspire CX CAS/CX-M CAS
  • .tmo: TI-Nspire CM-C
  • .tmc: TI-Nspire CM-C CAS

The Student/Teacher Software displays during the installation  the error “experienced a problem while communicating with the handheld. a retry may be successful.”

This error is expected. Make sure the installation confirmation is displayed on the device. Close the Student/Teacher Software and reopen it to be able to continue transfering files.

The TI-Nspire hangs at reboot time

If the TI-Nspire hangs at reboot time on this screen:

This can happen for example when a program not compatible with TI-Nspire CX is run on a CX.

To be able to boot again, you need to either:

  1. Unplug and replug the battery. This can be quite difficult to do on TI-Nspire CX, see this thread for some advice.
  2. On TI-Nspire CX, press the Reset button, and:
    • Hold the the following keys at boot time: Esc+Menu+Minus
    • This brings the diagnostics menu. Choose the option to run NAND tests.
    • Exit the diags tool. The OS should now correctly boot .

The TI-Nspire falls into a reboot loop

  1. Reboot the TI-Nspire, by unplugging the USB cable, then removing and putting back a battery on classic TI-Nspire or by pressing the reset button on TI-Nspire CX.
  2. Enter the maintenance menu by turning it on while holding the following keys until half the progress bar:
    • with the ClickPad keypad: Home+Enter+P then ON
    • with the TouchPad keypad or the CX: Doc+Enter+EE then ON
  3. If the maintenance menu displays the message “Replace the battery and try again“, see below “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery”.
  4. Select ‘2’ to uninstall the current OS. Reinstall it when asked to.

Next time make sure to never delete the file ndless_resources.tns as long as Ndless is installed. To uninstall Ndless,  ndless_resources.tns  should be opened first from the Documents screen, then deleted.

If the device still fails to boot, try to unplug and replug the battery (see The TI-Nspire hangs at reboot time above for hints with the CX).

The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery

You then can’t open the maintenance menu as suggested above.

Press the Reset button, and:

  • Hold the the following keys at boot time: Esc+Menu+Minus
  • This brings the diagnostics menu. Choose the option to run the battery tests.
  • Plug the TI-Nspire to a computer
  • Wait for the battery to reach a level of 30%
  • Exit the diags tool by pressing the Reset button at the back of the calculator (there’s not exit option in the menus)
  • Now try to open the maintenance menu and follow the procedure above (“The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop”).

(Credits to for this procedure)

Running an executable from the documents screen displays “Sorry. Could not open document ‘xxx.tns'”

Ndless has not been correctly installed. Try to reinstall it.


292 thoughts on “Troubleshooting

  1. I’m getting a “Wrong handheld type for the OS being sent” error using the TI-NspireLink software. Should I be using the TI Student CAS software instead? If so, how do I get to the “Install OS” button on the computer?

      1. Vincent2128, make sure you are:
        * Using the right file for your device:
        .tno: classic TI-Nspire
        .tnc: classic TI-Nspire CAS
        .tco: TI-Nspire CX
        .tcc: TI-Nspire CX CAS
        * If you are using TI-Nspire Computer Link Software, make sure to you v3.2. Previous versions are not supported.

  2. i downloaded ndless and i tried to play Ndoom
    then my calculator said someting, it rebootes over and over and i cant stop it

    1. Did you try the procedure “The TI-Nspire falls into a reboot loop” above? (sorry, this one and “The TI-Nspire hangs at reboot time” were mixed up, I have just fixed this).

      1. First plug in the USB cable. Then run the maintenance menu as explained above, and keep the device charging there for a while if needed. Then follow the last steps of the procedure.

  3. Hello. I still have the same problem as before. “I have upgraded my CX CAS to version, and selected Install OS in the computer linking software and selected the “ndless_installer-3.1.0.tcc” file (all the others were greyed out) and tried to install. It game me this error: Wrong handheld type for the OS being sent. I have done this successfully on my Touchpad calculator with the same OS, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you help?”

    1. My TI falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery, but when i do the esc+menu+minus nothing happend what can i do im desperate

  4. PLZ!!! can you make a video on how to do this? Do I NEED a TI-Nspire CX CAS because i just have a regular CX? When i try to open ANY of the software on my TI-Nspire CX CAS student software, it says it is not compatible with the type of software. How do you create a directory on the TI-Nspire and how do you get the stupid Press-to-test mode off? HALP

    1. The regular CX is also supported.

      To create a new folder, read the “Creating folders” section p.44 of

      Make sure to select the right ‘ndless_installer’ file for your TI-Nspire model as explained above (“ is rejected when transferred”).

      To know more about the Press-to-Test mode, read the TI-Nspire Press-to-Test Guidebook here:

      You can also get general help on the TI-Nspire on the community forum , TI’s official knowledge base ( ) or by contacting directly TI-Cares.

  5. When I click on the ndless_installer-3.1.0.tcc ( i’m on a nspire cx cas) it gives me error:-1, that says that he file conversion was not sucessful. I serached for a fix but i didn’t found on. I’m have the version

  6. I tried on my Clickpad non-CAS 3.1
    Now, it’s stuck in the Documents folder with My Documents selected and it won’t go away, even with the calculator batteries removed.

  7. When transferring the .tcc installer for my calculator, halfway through a message pops up saying error, the handheld is not responding. Please help?

    1. As long a the device displays a popup confirming the installation, everything is alright. The error on the computer side is normal, just close and reopen Student Software.

  8. When I transfer the .tcc installer to my cx, the computer displays a message saying “experienced a problem while communicating with the handheld. a retry may be successful.” then reboots the calculator halfway through installing. Help?

    1. So your TI-Nspire is a CX CAS since your are sending the .tcc file? Did you make sure OS v3.1 is installed on your calculator? Has ndless_resources.tns correctly been copied to a directory called ‘ndless’ under ‘My documents’?

      1. Oh thanks, so the OS was the problem. I thought the Handheld OS would have came with the Student software when I downloaded the software.

  9. Hi, my ti-nspire cx still won’t accept my ndless file. i keep getting “experienced a problem while communicating with the handheld. a retry may be successful.” even after checking that OS v3.1 was installed. What do i do?

    1. Walter, this error is expected at installation time. Make sure the installation confirmation is displayed on the device. Close the Student/Teacher Software and reopen it to be able to continue transfering files after the installation.

      1. The installation of Ndless implies two steps:
        – Transfering ndless_resources.tns to a folder named “ndless” under “My Documents”, created on the device
        – Transfering ndless_installer-3.1.0.txx as an OS update, where the .txx extension matches your device model.

        At which of these two steps does the transfer fail?

      1. I’m doing everything right. I don’t see what is wrong. I follow step-by-step instruction videos, and the instructions are on the website. I don’t see how I’m still getting the error message.

  10. My friends calculator has the same problem as rajeeps. It ran out of battery, and now i can’t get the diagnostics menu up. Please help, it’s a TI-Nspire cas cx.

  11. None of the options at the first site worked, so im gonna put my calcs battery into his. Thx for the references. Ill reply if any work, so that others could try it. Thx again

    1. sorry for late reply. yes it worked by putting battery into the other calculator, and now my friends is back to normal. Thx so much!!

    1. I was reading the readme for a program that required ndless. It was not very clear that ndless.cfg had to be changed from the computer. I was able to sort that out. However, I fell into an endless reboot cycle and i had to uninstall the os. Now ndless will not install. I have the cfg and resources file in the ndless folder on my cx cas, and I am using the installer.tcc. I have the correct os, however, when I try to install ndless, it comes up the with the error message saying the communication stopped, and my calculator reboots, but it does not come up the message saying ndless has been installed. I have confirmed that it is not installed by trying to open resources on my calculator. It does not give me the option to uninstall ndless. I cannot figure out why it will not install.

      1. Did you make sure to copy ndless_resources.tns exactly as on the first screenshot of this page? (same folder name, same file name, right under My Documents)

      2. Problem solved with Matt. For those with the same issue, please make sure you are using the latest version of Ndless (the one with the greatest revision number).

  12. I did all the “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery”, I uninstall the OS and everything but when it shows “operationg system not found. Istall OS now” how do I do that if my calculator doesn’t appear in the student software. Help me please

  13. How do i exit the diag tool, i mean which buttons should i press? Because I’ve charged my ti-nspire CX CAS with the “Battery Pack Charging and now i don’t get back to the Restart Loop, so that I can’t open the maintenance menu? :(

  14. Just press the reset button under the CX to exit from the diags menu. Then open the maintenance menu as described in “The TI-Nspire falls into a reboot loop”.

  15. Ok so now I’ve uninstalled the OS, but when I started my CAS again it booted a bit normal but when it says: “Operating System not found. Install OS now”. the screen freezes.
    Now I’ve unplugged the batterie but that didnt help and it’s the same problem: The screen just freezes and it say: “Operating System not found. Install OS now”.
    What can i do to solve this problem?

  16. Hello. Whenever I try to open a game file with .gb.tns on my TI-Nspire CX CAS a message appears, saying: This document format is not supported.
    I had gotten everything by following a YouTube video, and I’m positive I did exactly what he did. All the comments say their’s worked fine. When I asked him about the error, he said he didn’t know what to do. Someone else replied that you need to unzip the files, but I have already done that. Any suggestions?

      1. For people with a similar issue: make sure to send ndless.cfg.tns to the calculator to be able to open files with custom extensions such as “.gb”.

  17. I’m getting the “document format not supported” error as well. It won’t even open the sample file- particles. And where is ndless.cfg.tns? I can’t find it anywhere in the file.

    1. Mitchell, did you get the confirmation popup on the calculator when installing Ndless? If not Ndless is not correctly installed.
      ndless.cfg.tns is next to the other Ndless files in the calcbin/ directory of the Ndless zip archive, and must be sent along with ndless_resources.tns.

      1. I did get the confirmation pop-up. Also, I realized I wasn’t using the latest release of ndless, so I got that and found ndless.cfg.tns.

        Still no luck. I receive the same error.

      2. Did you follow again the whole installation procedure with the latest version of Ndless? You should get another popup about Ndless being updated.

      3. After attempting to install it several times from release 623, I fell back to release 620. That worked. 623 just kept reinstalling the 3.1 OS. Thanks!

  18. I just had a quick question. 3 of my friends had their tinspire fall into a reboot loop, similar to last time. I fixed it, but what is the cause of this? I’m starting to think that they might be doing this on purpose

      1. ah ok. The other day, my friend said that when he transferred a gbc rom to his calc, it kept rebooting. Now even i cant fix it! ive tried removing battery, Complete format, and Os reinstallation. Is it possible that it could have happened because of the rom, or is that a lie? And what to do to fix it? Sorry for asking once again.

      2. The reboot loop could not be caused by the rom file itself.

        You could also try to:
        – run the NAND tests from the diags menu
        – unplug the battery if it still fails to boot

        The two options are described in the article above. Tell me if you’re still stuck after this.

  19. I have a folder with ndless resources in it and i keep trying to transfer the tco file to my cx and it keeps saying my device is busy or there was an error. No message has shown up on my calculator either.

    1. Jake, did you make sure to drop ndless_resources.tns in a directory called ‘ndless’ as shown on the screenshot above? Does your calculator reboot when the .tco is transferred?

  20. I have deleted all the files in my calculator, but it worked until it got out of batterie, now when i connect it to the pc it keeps in a reboot loop
    Can you help me plz?

  21. Thanks for the guide! I was using ndless so I could run an emulater on my calculator (Ti-nspire Cas touchpad) and the loop glitch happened to my friend. I brought it home and read this guide and fixed it, and then the same thing happened to me! Is there anyway of running it without having that glitch happen?

    1. Michael, the reboot loop is caused by ndless_resources.tns being deleted. This file should never be deleted while Ndless is installed.
      To uninstall Ndless, ndless_resources.tns should be open first from the Documents screen, then deleted.

      1. I didn’t touch the resources file, and I didn’t change the file path or move it and I had the exact configuration specified and it was working until it happened…

  22. I’ve read your guide, and yet, I’m still having problems. I try to transfer ndless_installer-3.1.o.tco, and it still says “Wrong Handheld type for the OS being used” while I am using the correct type, a TI-nspire CX. Not only that, but when I transfer ndless.resources.tns, it says it’s not supported. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

      1. I used Student Software but when I tried to transfer ndless_installer-3.1.0.tco and ndless.resources.tns, it says the file format is not supported.

      2. The .tns should at least be transferred without problem, there’s something wrong in how you’re trying to send the file.
        Are you drag n’ dropping it to the “connected units” window of Student Software?

  23. hey, i´m using a cx cas and a student software. trying to put ndless-ressources on my calculator doesn´t work. there is an error saying “fille is not supported”. can you help me?

  24. HELP. I am using TI-Nspire CX CAS and recently both my calculators with ndless (the other calc is a TI Nspire Touchpad) wont come out of a reboot loop. I i have done the complete reformat after everything else failed, and now I can connect to it using the computer link software ver 1.4. But now i can’t install the os from TI’s site. The filename is: “TI-NspireCXCAS-”
    It keeps telling me “Wrong handheld type for the OS being sent.”

    WHAT DO I DO??? I really need the calculator for my maths classes.

    1. Fixed with Xeni. For those with the same problem: make sure to use Student or Teacher Software. TI’s old Computer Link cannot send OS updates to the CX.

      1. Hey ExtendeD

        Maybe you should change the User Guide because of this. In the user guide, in the requirements it says “Any linking program such as TI-Nspire Student Software”.


  25. HELP I did everything right but the computer kept on saying “the handheld is not responding” I tried closing the TI-Nspire Student Software already but the same thing came up again What should I do?

    1. Max, the “not responding” message on the computer side is OK. Just make sure the installation confirmation popup appears on the calculator side.
      If closing and reopening Student Software is not enough, try rebooting your computer.

  26. Hi I installed ndless correctly on my Nspire cx (I know because I was able to play Pokemon for a while on my calculator) however, after turning it on one day I am unable to open the ndless files. Both the gbc emulator and the ndless resources. It says “This document format is not supported [filename].tns” I don’t recall making any changes to my calculator during that time.

    1. Nath, Ndless has most probably been uninstalled from your calculator by opening ndless_resources.tns.
      Anyway you’ll have to reinstall it with a computer and the installation procedure.

  27. Okay, here is my issue… I have upgraded my TI-nspire Touchpad Calculator to OS v3.1.0.392 (verified on my calculator at the Status screen), I have downloaded and opened Student Software and successfully transfered the ndless_resources and the ndless.cfg files onto my calculator into the ‘ndless’ folder that I created. However, when I got to transferring the ndless_installer-.tno, I received the confirmation on my calculator, but I received an error on my computer screen stating that the handheld was not responding. Following the troubleshooting guide, I simply closed Student Software, reopened it, and tried again. This time my calculator displayed the confirmation message along with a notice that the calculator would have to reboot. This problem leaves the installer unable to be transferred into the ‘ndless’ folder. This issue is driving me crazy so if you could please assist me with my update I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. Matt, the popup on the TI-Nspire side confirms the installation. Don’t worry about the “not responding” message on the computer side which always shows up at the end of the installation. You should now be able to use native programs.
      The installer is a special file which won’t appear in the Documents directory of the TI-Nspire.
      Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

    1. mich:
      – Did you make sure to use Student Software (and not the old Link Software)?
      – Does the file extension of ndless_installer matches the calculator model you have?
      .tno: classic TI-Nspire
      .tnc: classic TI-Nspire CAS
      .tco: TI-Nspire CX
      .tcc: TI-Nspire CX CAS

  28. Hi! I desperately need help. I will be needing my TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator for a math exam next week. The problem is that it suddenly stopped working. I thought it was out of battery, but when I plug it in to charge, nothing happens. The screen remains dark, the calculator doesn’t turn on. Any ideas as of what this could be and what I could do to fix it? I’m certain that the calculator was not damaged in any way. It just stopped functioning.

    1. mia, I’m not sure this is related to Ndless. This could be an hardware issue. Also make sure to let it charge long enough. You may try to get some help on’s forum.

  29. I can’t access at the diagnostic menu. I keep pressing esc+menu+minus but it doesn’t work. It keeps rebooting. Help

    1. Max, as for Mariela, did you make sure to keep the 3 keys pressed *simultaneously* during the *whole* boot sequence? Let it reboot multiple times while keeping the keys pressed if needed.

    1. Upgrading Ndless to a new OS version usually requires a consequent amount of work because of the stupid and useless fight TI is carrying on.
      OS v3.2 appears to bring several regressions that TI may (and ought to) quickly fix. This would make any investment in a v3.2 update of Ndless useless.
      For this reason, and because downgrading to v3.1 is fortunately not yet blocked, no support for v3.2 is planned for the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause, but TI’s position against Ndless make decisions more difficult.

    1. “The operating system file is corrupt or invalid.
      Please go to to get a new OS file.”
      thats the exact error

  30. My cx cas shows a attention icon when i want to start
    and it is hanging up.
    i tried all this to solve the Problem:
    1. [doc][EE][Enter]+[on]

    2. removing accu pack for 5s and press [doc][EE][Enter]+[on]

    3. RESET button

    1. Sorry for the late response.
      Does the icon appear when the progress bar is half filled or at the beginning of the progress bar?
      Is the calculator detected my Computer Link or Student Software? If it is did you try to resend a fresh OS copy to it?

  31. No the computer can`t detect the calculater.
    and the icon appear at the beginning of the progress bar.
    all what i can do is open the diagnose menu.

  32. ExtendeD,
    I have a couple of questions regarding ndless running nclock. 1.) Does nclock running in the background have a significant impact on battery consumption? Have you run any tests? 2.) Does nclock prevent the Nspire from powering down,or does ndless prevent the Nspire from powering down normally(e.g., calculator inactivity after a certain time has elapsed)? I ask because none of my Nspires (CX-CAS, CX, CAS Touch-Pad) will power-off after a period of inactivity running ndless and nclock.

    1. Jon, I don’t know exactly how nClock works, I’m forwarding your questions to it’s author.
      Regarding Ndless interfering with the automatic power down: I haven’t got any report related to Ndless itself. You may want to try removing nClock and see if the issue disappear.

      1. I appreciate your prompt response. I tried your suggestion of removing Nclock – same results, no power off. I then removed Ndless, and the Nspire CX powered off normally. I re-installed Ndless (r.685), and again, it will not power-off normally. This is not a significant problem for me, really. I sincerely appreciate your efforts in expanding the potential of the Nspire to the community.

        On a related note: do you think it will be possible to port a
        CX CAS O/S to a non-CAS CX?


    1. lorenz, could you please try to hold the the following keys at boot time: Esc+Menu+Minus
      This will bring the diagnostics menu. Choose the option to run NAND tests, then exit the diags tool. Try to boot the calculator again and see if the computer recognize the device to let you install a new OS, or at least bring the maintenance menu with the Doc+Enter+EE combo.

      1. Okay i launched the test and it `pass`… so i tried to boot it nothing changed,
        i tried to launch the menu for deleting the OS nothing happened (display the same like in the Video) … and my computer can´t find the handheld

        I think the last programm i launched was the “theme maker”

      2. Lorentz, your boot2 appears to have been corrupted. Reflashing it may be the only option for you. Please refer to Xavier’s e-mail for advice on how to fix this.

    1. You are probably trying to install Ndless on OS v3.2. This version is currently not supported, you have to downgrade. Please refer to the second toubleshooting entry above.

  33. Every time I try to move ndless_resources.tns to the calculator under the ndless folder in my library, it shows a “cannot do” circle with a line through it. My calculator is in and my my software is in I have ndless version 3.1. I am using the TI Nspire CX. It seems to work for everyone else I watch but they’re all using the CAS. Are there any CX differences, and if so maybe a tutorial? Help would be much appreciated!

      1. I actually got it to work using the software’s own browser by putting the resources file on it’s own under my documents. From there it allowed me to copy the file to my calculator. Thanks for the timely response though!

      2. I have the same problem i downloaded the ndless off of your website but 3.1 and im trying to drag it to the ndless resources folder that i created on the student software but its not letting me, i tried downloading more than one file of ndless, but it not working what should i do. thanks

      3. ahmadhassan, please refer to the Student Software manual available in different languages:

        File transfers are explained in ‘Exploring Content Explorer” and “Saving Files to a Connected Handheld”. You should transfer the Ndless files one at a time, “ndless_resources” first, and choosing the “ndless_installer-3.1.0” file matching your calculator model, not all of them.

  34. I downloaded the ndless file but ndless_recource wont go into the ndless folder i made when i click and drag nothing happens. any help??

  35. I have the nspire cx and i have installed the recources but when i try to install the Tco it says on the calc endless sucsessfully installed rebooting now and the loading bar on the computer stops. If i press ok then my nspire reboots therefore disconnecting it from loading the Tco file.

      1. But the Tco does not appear in the document folder on my calculator. I dont get an error on the computer the loading bar just stops loading.

      2. Don’t worry, the .tco file is considered as an OS image by Student Software, and won’t appear in the Documents screen.
        What’s happening on the computer-side doesn’t matter much. If you get the installation sucess popup on the TI-Nspire side then everything is OK for you.

  36. I have cx cas. The battery is flat, but it wont charge. The charge line gets halfway across the screen, then just starts again. Have left it charging overnight but was still doing the same thing in the morning. Have tried reconnecting battery, rebooting and everything else advised here without success. Please help…

  37. First tried the reboot – with the TouchPad keypad or the CX: Doc+Enter+EE then ON. Nothing happens at all. Have unplugged and replugged the battery.
    Then tried – Esc+Menu+Minus with the calculator attached to the computer. I got the menu – NSC MP V2(2011/03/24) Diag, it fails 1. LCD, but there is no option given to run battery tests and it is not possible to move down through the options. Prior to this problem I had not done anything to the OS or files or done (or tried to do) anything clever. I just use it! Thanks

  38. Ok, I am there – Thank you so much. Once it is charged will it work as before? I didnt deliberatly delete any file, how can I stop this happening again?

    1. Once charged you must open the maintenance menu, remove the OS and reinstall the OS as described in the section above.
      Maybe ndless_resources.tns was deleted because of a miuse of Nover which corrupted the filesystem? Else I can’t really see how it could happen.

  39. Hi! I followed the tutorial step by step and checked several times that I have the correct OS but when i try to install ndless it just ends up installing a newer OS.

  40. Quick question: I am following all the steps and I have tried multiple times with different OS’. After many tries, however, I keep coming up with a message on the calculator saying that the .tns file extension isn’t supported. I have spent over 2 hours on this, and still no luck. Please Help!!

  41. Right now I am using the Ti-Nspire CAS Student Software and Ti-Nspire CX CAS, os 3.2. I can’t figure out how to downgrade my os to 3.1 for both the computer software and calculator. Please Help.

  42. when dragging the ndless_resources file a message pops up saying folder not found. i’ve made multiple folders and gone to the root of the system.

  43. my ti nspire cx says operating system not found. install os now and it doesnt connect to the student software and i tried running nand tests and i did all the options on the maintanence tool

    1. James,

      – Do you at least hear Windows “dum-dee” sound effect when you plug in your USB cable when the message “operating system not found” is displayed on the calculator?
      – Do you mean that in Student Software the calculator is not advertised anymore in the connected unit window?

      1. yes to both, it makes the dum dee when i plug it in and the dee dum when i unplug it and it doesnt show up in the connected unit wndow

      2. James, could you please try the following options:

        1) a) Enter the maintenance menu by turning the CX on while holding the following keys until half the progress bar: Doc+Enter+EE then ON
        b) Choose a complete format
        c) Retry to connect it after the reboot

        2) Install Computer Link 3.2 and see if the calculator shows up with it:

        3) Install Student Software or Computer Link v3.2 on another computer and see if the calculator shows up

        Sorry for the trouble, tell me how it goes after this.

  44. Every time I try to run a program that uses ndless, the calculator crashes and reboots, then goes back to the main menu, but it doesn’t ask for info like languages. I’m using the latest ndless variant and 3.1 os, and I’ve re-installed ndless twice, each time removing the old installation. The normal lua and basic apps work, but not the good ones that need ndless (the reason I bought the calculator, other than my future academics) If you know what I did wrong and how to fix it, please let me know. I need to show my friends something and I want to be able to use this like it was supposed to be (for my purposes) It’s a TI-Nspire CX. (Non-cas)

    1. evanzolman, can you please give a link to the program you are trying to run so that I can have a look on my side?
      Can you also confirm that the version of Ndless you have installed on your calculator is ndless-​v3.​1-​beta-​r685?

  45. Hi everyone. First of all, thank you very much for the work are you doing.
    Well, my problem is similar to the one that commented “evanzolman”, just before me. I’ve installed ndless 3 on my nspire CAS (non color) and when I try to run the program gpsp_launcher (gba emulator) the calculator reboots. This issue happened to me also with a “snake game” file. I’ve done the installation process many times, following each step and being sure I have the correct SO, Computer Link version and latest ndless 3.1 version, but with the same result. Could you help me, please?


      1. Then something may not be correctly emulated with the game you are trying to run with gpSP-Nspire. You can try to report the issue to calc84maniac on the thread on Omnimaga, but since the emulator follows a best-effort policy he probably won’t do much about it, sorry…

  46. i’m not able to drag any files from my computer to the calculator on CAS student software whenever i try it the file doesnt show up

  47. I’m having a problem with my software,ndless installed perfectly,thank you! But now when i plug in my calc to the computer and open the software i dont see my calc pop up it says “connectivity with TI-Nspire handhelds is unavailable”, its a ti-nspire cx.

    1. Corey, Ndless should not interfer with the connectivity with the computer.
      Does closing and reopening Student Software fixes the problem?
      Else does rebooting the calculator or uninstalling Ndless fix it?

  48. Can you help me? My TI-nspire CAS hasn’t been used for about 5 months. Today, I put the new batery and press On but the calculator only run for 2 second and after that I cannot start my calculator again. Please give me some advices, thank you!!!

  49. On my TI-nspire I can install everything but I try to send the text with the notepad and appear this document format isn´t supported. like you said here “File association

    (since v3.1 r538) You can directly run files with extensions from the OS native document browser, for example to open .png files with mViewer or .nes files with NESpire (demo for NDoom).

    Ndless comes with default associations for several TI-Nspire programs. These associations are configured in ndless.cfg.tns. You can edit this file on a computer with a text editor my renaming it to ndless.cfg.txt. To add a custom file assocation for a program (for example to associate .txt files with a program named textviewer.tns), add the following line:


    Rename the file back to ndless.cfg.tns, and send it to the ‘ndless/‘ directory of the TI-Nspire.

    When a document named .txt.tns is open from the OS document browser (and displayed as <document-name.txt on the TI-Nspire) a program named “textviewer.tns” will be searched in all document folders and used to open the .txt file. Note that programs must explicitely support file association, ask their authors for it."
    but it does always the same. I just want to read text files on my inspire.
    if you could help I would thank you a lot

  50. Hello. First of all, thanks for ndless, it has been great to use. I have however run into a problem that I can’t help but think is due to this program.

    Earlier today, when I rebooted out of press-to-test mode, my calculator just randomly started not recognizing its internal battery. When I run the diagnostics screen, it recognizes that it is connected to an external power source, and is receiving an input voltage, but there is no charging voltage, or charging percentage info.

    Do you have ANY suggestions? I need my calculator for exams next week!

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    1. Justin, to understand if it’s a software issue caused by Ndless or an hardware failure, could you try to uninstall Ndless by running “ndless_resources” and see if it fixes anything?

      Also what do you mean by “not recognizing its internal battery”?
      Sorry for the trouble, I’ll try to help you as much as I can before your exam.

      1. Hey ExtendeD,

        Thank you very much for the quick reply, and don’t worry, it’s not your fault!

        I uninstalled Ndless by running ndless_resources – no change in the battery problem. I also removed nover (not that I was able to run it anyway with Ndless removed…)

        When I plug the calculator into the wall or into my computer, it says that it is charging, and that the internal battery is at 0%. When I unplug it, it says that the battery is at ‘critical level’ and (strangely) it is running on external power (even though it is not). I have a feeling that it is a software problem (corrupt OS?) as it would seem very strange to me to just suddenly have a hardware problem like this. Still, I really don’t know. I’ve tried to completely reset the calculator by reinstalling the OS (3.1), but the student software won’t let me because the calculator (apparently) doesn’t have enough battery.

        The strange this is that, after leaving it plugged into the wall for all of last night, it still hasn’t died, even though since I unplugged it it’s been at ‘critical battery’.

        Thanks in advance for any ideas!


      2. Hey ExtendeD.

        So now my calculator has completely stopped working – when I tried to put it in press to test mode, it now has started saying that I need to install an os – but I can’t because the battery is too low…

      3. Justin, since uninstalling Ndless doesn’t fix the problem (Ndless’s uninstallation always leaves the OS to original state), and because diags software which performs raw hardware checks reports wrong info, this is most probably an hardware failure – hopefully only the battery is involved.

        You could check this by replacing your battery with someone else’s and doing the same tests again. Removing yours is not easy, you may find some advice here: . Make sure not to break the wires.

        But you’d better replace your TI-Nspire if it’s still under warranty.

        I hope you’ll be able to find someone to lend you his TI-Nspire for this week’s exam.

      4. Hey ExtendeD,

        Thanks for your responses. I tried using a friend’s battery to charge the calculator, with no success – it ‘sees’ that as empty as well, so I think it’s the calculator itself that is having problems. I am in touch with TI and they have connected me with the Canadian TI provider, so if all goes well I should be able to get a replacement calculator. Too bad that all this happened!

        In any case, thank you for your help, and thanks for Ndless – it was awesome while working!


  51. Please could u tell me how display with keypad: Home+Enter+P then ON
    I tried but it reboots again and again please tell me how to do it.


    1. Ahmed, make sure to keep the Home, Enter and P keys pressed simultaneously during the whole boot sequence. ON should be the last key pressed to turn on the calculator.

      This combo is for Clickpad calculators only. If you have a CX, Replace the P key by the EE key.

  52. Thank you :D
    I love ndless and my gameboy advance games.
    My cx cas fell into a reboot loop w/o power and this troubleshooting guide worked fantastically.
    Thank you for making my calculator amazing!

  53. hey I followed the “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery” portion and i got to the “Battery Pack Charging” screen, but under “Charging Voltage/Capacity” there is a blank next to the %. Something like “3.354V / %” what can i do?

    1. oh nevermind! after like 10 minutes it started to charge. thank you for the instructions! i was so worried my calculator perma broken

  54. I get the following error: “this document format is not supported” when I click on a image.jpg.tns file after installing Ndless 3.1 (latest) on my device (Nspire CX) and installing Mviewer 3.3.

    I thought maybe I did something wrong so I uninstall Mviewer and Ndless. But when I clicked on nless_resources the same error appear (this document format is not supported).

    Is Ndless never been Installed?

    I reinstal Ndless, device reboot but again these error’s please help me!

    (sorry for my bad English)

  55. Hi, I did what was instructed. I got to the diagnostic menu, went into manual test, battery test. Battery Pack Test failed. Battery Pack Charging was passed. i went into battery pack charging and it said Charging Voltage/ Capacity was 100%. For some reason, the reset button isn’t working. i’m trapped in the diagnostic system. when i take the cable chargin my calculater off, it closes itself and doesn’t open unless i plug it in again.

    please help >.<

    1. dunno if this will help but under Charging Voltage/ Capacity, there is Charging is over: Yes/No and there’s a purple box flashing on No….Please respond as soon as possible

  56. hi i have the ti-nspire touchpad and i upgrade my OS to the 3.1 now when i want to install ndless say that “experienced a problem while communicating with the handheld. a retry may be successful.” i alredy follow the instructions but it doesnt work can any one help

    1. when i try to install the ndless the bar go half way and in my calculater it says that its install but the file doent show up

  57. When I start to load the installer, it says “Ndless sucessfully installed!” , but it won’t stop installing on my computer.

  58. Whenever I try to add the installer.tco , I am given a half loading bar or a nearly loaded bar for an indefinite am amount of time. And it says Ndless successfully updated, but it can’t load files after being pulled off loading prematurely.

  59. I downloaded Pokemon Crystal once i click on it gives me an error message saying “This document format is not supported.

      1. hirosheena: the installation of Ndless should end with a “installed successfully” message. Did you see it? If not Ndless is not correctly installed, please check the prerequisites and follow the installation procedure again.
        Tell me if anything is unclear.

  60. I intalled ndless 3.1 but i think my nspire cx wasn’t at OS 3.1, it was below that. Now my calc starts turning on and stops halfway thru the loading bar and doesn’t do anything. do u have any idea what i can do?

      1. but when the calculator doesn’t turn on fully, it doesn’t show up on my computer.

      2. Are you able to enter the maintenance menu?
        Turn the calculator on while holding the following keys until half the progress bar: Doc+Enter+EE then ON
        Your calculator should then show up in Student Software.

  61. I installed Ndless on my TI-Nspire CX. In my ndless folder, I have ndless_resources and ndless.cfg. In GBA, I have game_config.txt, gba_bios.bin, gpsp_launcher, gpsp_resources and Pokemon_Emerald.gba. I try to load pokemon emerald, it says the format is not supported

      1. John, can you try to transfer and open Ndless’s particles demo distributed with Ndless (samples/particles.tns), to first make sure Ndless is correctly installed on your calculator?

  62. Hi, i have been trying to install ndless 3.1 for so many times but every time it failed, and the thing that’s suppose to pop up saying that it’s successfully installed never comes up, I have put ndless resource thing correctly into the folder but i just can’t install it, what should i do?

    1. Sam, what do you mean by ” every time it failed”? Does your calculator reboot or does Student Software refuses to send the installer?
      If your calculator is a CX, use the .tco installer. If your calculator is a CX CAS, use the .tcc installer.
      Also make sure:
      – that the installer is in a *top level* directory
      – that the directory is named *ndless* (mind the case!)
      – not to rename the resource file

      1. Thanks for replying, the thing is the thing telling you that you’ve successfully never pop out. I follow all the steps you mentioned but every time i click install “ndless os”, in the mid way my calculator reboots itself then nothing is installed, i don’t know what to do. By the way, i can’t extract the ndless folder after i downloaded it (, my computer said it’s invalid or something.

      2. I suppose you already made to sure to downgrade or upgrade to OS 3.1.
        A reboot without installation confirmation popup is most of the time a sign of the file ndless_resources.tns not being found. Can you please double check that the file is stored where it should be? (same ‘ndless’ folder name, right under My Documents, same file name, , and ‘ndless_resources’ right under the ‘ndless’ directory)

        About your extraction issue: Did you try to open the archive? Which computer OS are you using?

  63. it’s really nice you’re trying to help, but I don’t know why i can’t install even though I have done exactly what you’ve told me, and i noticed that the size of my ndless_resources is 22KB, is that normal (different from the picture you’ve shown me before)?

    1. I suppose you are not able to get into the maintenance menu again to send a fresh OS?
      Can you try to follow the section “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery” above, in the case the system error was caused by the battery?

      1. I will try that. I did get to the maintenance menu though, and I formatted it, but even when it boots up without an os it still does it. Ill have a try later today. Cheers

      2. Thanks so much! For some reason using the diags menu fixed it. It had 80% battery, but I just re-formatted it and now it works. Thanks heaps!!

  64. hi my ti nspire cx cas is showing 100% charging capacity in the diagnostic mode and shoows 0% in normal one and as sooon as i remove it from the outlet it turns ooff igot it yesterday and getting this issue
    please help me as soon as possible as i m having an exam tomarrow

  65. Hello, i am having a problem with installing Ndless, i got os 3.1 and whenever i try to install Ndless it starts installing but pauses in the middle and does nothing. my calculator than says the installment was succesful and reboots but when i try to put a gbc rom on my calculator with my emulator the calculator does not recognize the rom.

    1. HEIIO, your problem doesn’t seem to be directly related to Ndless. If you got the “successfully installed popup” then Ndless is correctly installed on your calculator. Your problem may be some compatibility issue between the ROM and the emulator.

      Maybe you can try to find some help on gbc4nspire on the forum at , or get in touch with its author.

  66. when I try to downgrade my OS from 3.2.4 to 3.1, a window pops up saying that I cant upgrade to any earlir version. help me!

  67. I have a Ti-Nspire CX. I have done this installation 4 times, doing the same thing, trying to use other based OS’ but it never works, It always tells me the file has to be (.tns) to send it to the calculator. The calcs version is The Ndless I have been trying to use is the one linked on this website. This is getting really frustrating can anyone give me some advice so I can get this over with and play Pokemon in class? Please and thank you.

  68. I have the problem where in the bios menu the battery pack test failed repeatedly, does this mean I have to purchase a new battery? I have TI Nspire Cx Cas and I already formated the whole system and found a 3.1 OS to download but the calculator crashed when I opened a TI 83-84 Emulator from and that froze and now I had to reformat. How do I fix it back to normal?

    1. Derp, your problem is not very clear to me.

      Does the calculator boots normally?
      If you fall into the maintenance menu, you have to send a fresh OS to the calculator.

      If the calculator is stuck in a reboot loop you must follow the steps in the section “The TI-Nspire falls into a reboot loop” to enter the maintenance menu.

      If the caculator is stuck in a reboot loop and you can’t open the maintenance menu because the caculator ran out of battery, you must charge it from the diags menu (follow the section “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery”). You must let it charge there for a while connected to a running computer. You don’t have to buy a new battery.

      1. Well I went to the bios menu to charge it but then the instructions said to wait until it says at least 30% charged but mine is 66% and it says Battery Pack Fail when I tried that from the bios menu.

      2. Another thing is that my calculator was working fine and I used ndless and played mario but I tried an emulator and it froze and every time after that it said system failure on bootup so I went to the maintenence menu and then deleted everything and now it won’t let me install a new 3.1 os.

    2. Don’t trust the “Battery Pack Fail” message of diags software, it’s not reliable.

      The “system failure” may be a consequence of a misuse of Nover. You should try to open the maintenance menu with the Doc+Enter+EE combo, reformat the calculator, a send a fresh OS. Is this possible for you?

      1. yes I’ll try now but just for the record, I’ve never used nover. I was planning to, but don’t even have it. For future reference, could you give me instructions on how to properly use nover safely?

      2. Nevermind, it doesn’t work. Now when I try to access the maintenance menu, it says “Replace batteries and try again Press any key to turn off”. Now should I buy batteries? Thanks.

  69. A problem wich is not described here:
    – Ndless is succefully installed (I tried with several versions)
    – But each time I try to run a Ndless program, including uninstalling Ndless, the CX CAS doesn’t respond, and I need to reset it…

    Do you know why ? Thanks a lot !

    1. persalteas, as this is not the first time you install Ndless, can you make sure the is not related to Ndless by reinstalling a version you previsously used successfully before?
      Is there anything special installed on the calculator that could interfer (Nover, startup programs, …)?

  70. No startup programs, no Nover. I used Nlaunch some time, but now I uninstalled it.
    And I tried to reinstall the r685 (which has worked great for a long time), but now it no longer works.

  71. After trying to put ndless on my handheld, it tells me I cant put an OS older than the one I have now so it doesn’t let me put it in. What do I do?

  72. I’ve been having what i presume as a unique problem. I have a nspire cx (non-cas) 3.2, and when I attempt to reset to remove the hard drive ([doc]+EE=enter) my calculator tells me the os is removed. when i restart, my calculator tells me to install os, which i use student software to try to add TI-NspireCX-. and after installing, the software gives me error code m7, “you cannot install an os older than the one currently installed”. Am i not removing the os correctly? someone please help me.

    1. FenP, are you trying to downgrade from OS 3.2.4? Downgrading from this version is not possible because of the anti-downgrade protection. You should reinstall OS 3.2.4.

  73. I’m getting the “this document format is not supported” when I try to play a rom. I’ve read the previous post.

    I initially had to downgrade from 3.1+ to 3.1, then I created folder “ndless” and dropped ndless_resources.tns and ndless.cfg.tns. Then proceeded to upgrade my OS to the ndless r914 OS.

    On my computer the installation froze, but my nspire would give me a pop up saying that the OS has been successful and that it needs to reboot.

    I then created another folder “GBC” and dropped Pokemon; when I try to open this via nspire, I received error “this document format is not supported”. I repeated these steps 2 more times, then tried to repeat the steps using r903 then r893.

    Any other troubleshooting suggestions?

  74. Im getting “The operating system file is corrupted or invalid. Please go to to get a new OS file.” when im trying to install os 3.1. The current system on my calculator is 3.6. Is that the reason i can’t install 3.1?

  75. I see everyone talking about OS 3.2.4 I have OS I don’t see anything on does anyone know anything about this build on whether it works or not with ndless 3.1? I would like to know if I will run into problems before I install it.

  76. My calculator falls into the same reboot loop, I charged the battery and attempted to get to the maintenance menu. The error saying to replace batteries and try again happens over and over no matter what I do. Any help?

    1. jasenhopkins, you need to charge your battery from the diags menu. Please follow the section “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery” above. Note that reaching the 30% level required may take some time.

  77. I downloaded ndless 3.6 today and downloaded all 3 required folders from the calcbin to my calculator. I downloaded the Pokemon Emerald rom from tiplanet and am using the gc4nspire emulator. Everything installed successfully, but as others have posted, I’m getting the “error: this format is not supported” message. I reinstalled ndless twice, making sure I followed the steps, and still nothing has changed. The Pokemon Emerald does have the “.tns” at the end of it, so I don’t think that is the problem… What am I doing wrong?

    1. Seth:
      * did you get the green Ndless installation confirmation message?
      * If this is a GBA ROM, your file should be named “[whatever].gba.tns”.
      * Try opening gpsp_launcher and using its own file browser

  78. I have a TI Nspire CX nonCAS hardware version D boot1 3.0.99 boot2 3.10.16 running a working CAS OS
    I would like to Ndless it.

    If I send to my calculator the .tcc installer the computer tells me it’s a “wrong handled type for the OS being sent”.
    If I send to my calculator the .tco installer the OS installation goes forever, it never ends, there is a window in the Student Software with a loading bar that does not move on from 60%.

    Is there a way I could proceed??


      1. When I send the .tco file to the ndless folder (which already has the ndless_resources.tns file) in the calculator :

        – On the PC: There is a warning that I am about to upgrade the Handheld OS, with YES / NO options. I go for YES.
        (Here there is sometimes an error telling me the handheld is busy, I have to restart the CX CAS Student Software and repeat sending the .tco file)
        – On the PC: There is a windows saying it is installing the OS, that I have not to disconnect during the installation. It has a loading bar, which does not go further than 60% aprox.
        – On the calculator: There is a window saying it is receiving an OS update file, that I have not to unplug the cable, I have to save any document, and that the handhled will reboot. It has an only option of press OK.

        If I don’t press it, the instalation stays there. If I press it, nothing more happens. The loading bar in the PC is stuck and the calculator is functional.

        Thanks for your help.


      2. That’s all, it’s done.
        I didn’t know that Nlaunch has it’s own Ndless installer.
        I just needed to put the ndless_resources.tns into ndless folder and reboot the handheld. That easy.


  79. I get nothing but `System Error` on startup. I reformatted everything numerous times, i went to the diag menu, tested everything, and though i believe the nand is corrupt, it passes the test, but STILL i am stuck at load halfway on ti nspire CX, with System Error

  80. Whenever I try to install ndless, I can open the installation document, but when I press Ctrl + w, it doesn’t say “Ndless installed!”

  81. I successfully did everything and was able to play pokemon emerald until I suddenly tried opening it (it had an error message of “This document format is not supported”)
    Please help!

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