This guide helps you to determine and solve problems encountered when installing Ndless v3.6. Ndless is currently not compatible with OS v3.9, but the DowngradeFix 3.9 tool can be used to downgrade to OS v3.6.

You can post a message to ask for help if you can’t find what’s wrong with your installation.

What to check first

Make sure:

  • OS 3.6 is installed on your TI-Nspire. If not upgrade to OS 3.6 (CX, CAS CX), or downgrade from OS 3.9 to OS 3.6 with the DowngradeFix 3.9 tool.
  • You have transfered all the following files to your TI-Nspire in a top-level folder named ‘ndless‘: ndless_installer.tns, ndless_resources_3.6.tns and ndless.cfg.tns
  • You are opening ndless_installer and pressing the [menu] key

The TI-Nspire reboots when the scratchpad/a document is opened

Try to reinstall Ndless with the USB cable plugged in or unplugged. On some calculators the state of the USB connection may change the installation success rate. The current version (v3.6) of Ndless makes these instabilities difficult to fix, sorry for the annoyance.

The installation freezes

This may happen in some conditions. Reset the calculator by pressing the button under it, and retry the installation procedure.

Running an executable from the documents screen displays “Sorry. Could not open document ‘xxx.tns'”

Ndless has not been correctly installed. Try to reinstall it again.

After a reset Ndless is not installed anymore

The installation of Ndless is indeed not reboot-proof. You must reinstall it after each reset

The calculator freezes on boot up with a black and white screen

This issue is not related to Ndless and may happen on a never-Ndlessed TI-Nspire.

Hold Esc+Menu+Minus (Minus near Plus) while pressing the ‘reset’ button to launch the Diagnostic software. It should confirm there is a problem (GPIO error) and will fix it when a key is pressed.

The TI-Nspire falls into a reboot loop

Follow Flyingraijin2013’s video tutorial or the procedure below to uninstall the OS/format your TI-Nspire.

  1. Reboot the TI-Nspire, by unplugging the USB cable, then removing and putting back a battery on classic TI-Nspire or by pressing the reset button on TI-Nspire CX.
  2. Enter the maintenance menu by turning it on while holding the following keys until half the progress bar:
    • with the ClickPad keypad: Home+Enter+P then ON
    • with the TouchPad keypad or the CX: Doc+Enter+EE then ON
  3. If the maintenance menu displays the message “Replace the battery and try again“, see below “The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery”.
  4. Select ‘2’ to uninstall the current OS. Reinstall it when asked to. Option ‘4’ (complete format) will also do, but will also delete all your documents.

The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop and ran out of battery

You then can’t open the maintenance menu as suggested above.

Press the Reset button, and:

  • Hold the the following keys at boot time: Esc+Menu+Minus
  • This brings the diagnostics menu. Choose the option to run the battery tests.
  • Plug the TI-Nspire to a computer
  • Wait for the battery to reach a level of 30%. This may take some time, be patient
  • Exit the diags tool by pressing the Reset button at the back of the calculator (there’s not exit option in the menus)
  • Now try to open the maintenance menu and follow the procedure above (“The TI-Nspire CX falls into a reboot loop”).

The TI-Nspire is stuck with a system error at boot time

There are at the time of writing no strong relations between these rare failures and Ndless. A system error can be caused by:

  • A NAND corruption (generally caused by a Nover overclocking without following its recommandations)
  • Flashing a previous incompatible boot2
  • An hardware failure
To check if the failure could be caused by a NAND corruption, use the maintenance menu several times successively, choosing options 2 and 4 to reformat the NAND.  A corruption can sometimes be rather hard to get rid of, make sure to try multiple reformats.