Ndless for developers

Push the TI-Nspire beyond its limits, get the Ndless Software Development Kit and the Firebird TI-Nspire emulator.

Then make your first steps with the Ndless development tutorial.

You’ll learn how to set up the SDK, write, build and test your hello world program.

Documentation and examples

Hackspire is the up-to-date source of technical information on TI-Nspire native development, the TI-Nspire OS and its hardware.

You can also browse through the samples, the supported standard libraries, the TI-Nspire API, the I/O ports to interact with the hardware, Ndless’s advanced features, and the source code of community programs to learn by example.

Community support

Need help? Feedback? Join Codewalrus’s or TI-Planet’s (French) forum. The author of Ndless is also available to answer your questions and hear your suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I draw on the screen?

You must either use:

  • nspireio to easily display text on a scrolling console. This library is already provided with the SDK. It can optionally replace the standard stdio API (puts, printf, …) by using the -Wl,–nspire-io option during linking.
  • nGC, the standard TI-Nspire graphics API similar to the Lua GC API. The API is already provided with the SDK.
  • nRGBlib, an easy to use general purpose graphics library compatible with both the classic TI-Nspire and the CX, with color support.
  • nSDL, a port of the famous SDL multimedia library for the TI-Nspire. This library is also already provided with the SDK.
  • Write your own routines to directly interact with the screen buffer. This option is reserved to advanced developers.

Why does the documents screen react to the last key pressed in the program?

The keyboard buffer cannot be flushed if the interrupts were enabled by the program with TCT_Local_Control_Interupts(0).

Where can I host and publish my programs?

Github is also well suited to publish your source code. Share your progress on the community forums. Once ready for broader consumption push it on ticalc.org.

Why should I release my programs with their source code?

Native development for the TI-Nspire is not officially supported by Texas Instruments. We cannot ensure that programs written today will work as-is on future OS and hardware versions. Open sourcing your programs is the best way to extend their life even if one day you can’t maintain them anymore.

Where do I send bug reports / patches / feature requests for Ndless?

The issue tracker is the preferred way for your report/patch/request to be taken into account.