Thank you for your patience! Ndless v3.1 beta is proud to be part of the simultaneous release of tools and programs that open new era for TI-Nspire CX. The release includes PolyDumper, nspire_emu, Nover, nDOOM, nRGBlib, gbc4nspire, and NESpire compatible with the CX.

This third generation wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable help of several contributors and testers, including adriweb, bsl, calc84maniac, critor, Goplat, jimbauwens, Levak and Lionel Debroux.

Download the beta (SDK + installer). Please don’t copy the file to your own site as it is frequently updated, prefer to share the URL.

Users, make sure to follow the User Guide for installation instructions, and the Troubleshooting Guide if you are having problems with the installation.
New developers, make your first steps with the SDK.
Authors of Ndless 2 programs, upgrade them with TI-Nspire CX compatibility, and check in Changes.txt the new functions of the API.

Follow the event on Omnimaga and TI-Planet!

New and noteworthy in v3.1:

  • TI-Nspire CX compatibility
  • Persistence: The installation is now reboot proof
  • Extended libndls API:  on_key_pressed(), show_msgbox_2b(), show_msgbox_3b(), is_cx, is_classic, has_colors, hwtype, IO, IO_LCD_CONTROL, lcd_incolor(), lcd_ingray(), lcd_isincolor()
  • New syscalls: ftell(), truncate()