Thank you for your patience! Ndless v3.1 beta is proud to be part of the simultaneous release of tools and programs that open new era for TI-Nspire CX. The release includes PolyDumper, nspire_emu, Nover, nDOOM, nRGBlib, gbc4nspire, and NESpire compatible with the CX.

This third generation wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable help of several contributors and testers, including adriweb, bsl, calc84maniac, critor, Goplat, jimbauwens, Levak and Lionel Debroux.

Download the beta (SDK + installer). Please don’t copy the file to your own site as it is frequently updated, prefer to share the URL.

Users, make sure to follow the User Guide for installation instructions, and the Troubleshooting Guide if you are having problems with the installation.
New developers, make your first steps with the SDK.
Authors of Ndless 2 programs, upgrade them with TI-Nspire CX compatibility, and check in Changes.txt the new functions of the API.

Follow the event on Omnimaga and TI-Planet!

New and noteworthy in v3.1:

  • TI-Nspire CX compatibility
  • Persistence: The installation is now reboot proof
  • Extended libndls API:  on_key_pressed(), show_msgbox_2b(), show_msgbox_3b(), is_cx, is_classic, has_colors, hwtype, IO, IO_LCD_CONTROL, lcd_incolor(), lcd_ingray(), lcd_isincolor()
  • New syscalls: ftell(), truncate()

43 thoughts on “R3leased!

  1. I can’t open files that are not ndless executable :/. For example my saved notes. Is it should be like that? Or I installed wrong? I can open emulators and etc.

  2. thank you very much. i have a problem with gbc4nspire. i cant use the d-pad! is it related to the new ndless? it was the 1st i installed.

    1. problem solved. i was using the wrong gbc. btw, is it possible to get sound from gbc roms using an arduino or something?

      1. I did not use an arduino for sound, the speaker was directly connected to the uart pins :D

  3. Hey, uhh… this is really awesome, and I played ndoom and zelda on my cx with this, but I went to reset my calculator with the button on the back, and now it will not boot back into the OS. I tried a complete format and everything, and it still will not properly boot it just shows an unanimated clock cursor against a cross-hatched background, but just hangs there. please help! I’m not too worried ’cause I’m sure it will work out, but I got a calc 3 test on monday and it would help to have a calculator lol.

    1. I have the same problem, I only had to reset it because I accidentally hit gbc4nspire cas because of my finger slipping on the touchpad and the fault I didn’t delete the other 2 gbc4nspires I didn’t need. I did a complete format as well, but with no luck, I would say you could still backup your files if you just delete the OS, but It’s too late for that. I hope this gets fixed soon, but I don’t have to use my calc for anything so It can take a little bit, however does this happen on the original TI-Nspire, the Ti-Nspire Touchpad, Ti-Nspire CAS, or Ti-nspire CX CAS? This didn’t happen until I rebooted which means is something wrong with the ndless 3.1 rebooter?

      1. Just tried again this time pulling the battery out and putting it back in now it works like a charm.

      2. yeah mine is the cx cas, and I already tried everything suggested here except removing the battery pack cause I cannot get the darn thing out, when I tried, the plastic surrounding the wires broke cause it was in so darn tight, but I’ll try it again…

      3. Ok I got it working using that nand diagnostic tool, thanks for the help! I wonder what kind of stuff will be possible on the cx… like a gba or snes emulator… or maybe even quake!

  4. Thanks it works now in my second try. In my first try i forgot to update from 3.0 to 3.1.
    So maybe for all ppl that didnt work they had forgot to update their System.

    Greetings and BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Sorry. I am using the TI- nspire Student Software on my computer, and when I try to open the file ‘ndless_resources.tns’ so I can send it to the calculator, it says that the file is not supported.

  5. Hello again.

    I want to give my friends ndless, but it always fails.

    They upgraded their OS to 3.1. I sent the ndless_resource file (in directory ndless).
    Then i send the OS. Till 50% it sends normal, then it goes up to 99% and it fails.
    It didn’t work.

    Then i tried to send the OS at first and then ndless, but nothing of that tries worked :(

    Maybe you could help ;)

    Greetings Pomi

    1. Pomi,

      Hi get several reports of calc-to-calc installation issues. Although I did get successful installation reports in the past, it seems too unstable to be usable or as been broken in the latest updates. And I unfortunately cannot test it myself.

      Consider the feature unavailable. I’m removing it from the documentation. Sorry about that :(

      1. Ah… bad :(

        But thanks for help. Would be great if it will work in the future again.
        Just for now they have to install Ndless over the Software or give their calc to me :P

        So, as you heard it often already, i just want to say thanks for the great Features and your voluntary work of it.

        Greetings Pomi

  6. Hey.
    Is there the possobility of an GBA (Game Boy Advance) Emulator?
    Or is there anyone working on it, yet?

    1. i just read my comment I’m sorry, is there a way to make the calculator to show me the steps it took to solve an equation, a limit, matrix?


  7. Dear ExtendeD,

    I’ve been using ndless for a while, but never took the time to properly thank you for your efforts.

    You’ve given us so much more than a simple “jailbreak”. You’ve given us the freedom to do virtually anything with our nspires. You’ve ridden us of the shackles imposed by ti.
    As such, every line of code out there other than lua and basic, is made possible due to your continued efforts.

    As someone who hopes to follow computer engineering, you are an inspiration to me.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards

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