Introducing HIDn – USB HID drivers

Since both the keyboard and mouse drivers have now reached the minimal stability and OS integration for a public release, here is the first alpha version!

Please keep it mind this is an early version with basic support and several limitations.

Get Ndless r765. This update is required for the drivers to work.

Get HIDn, the USB HID drivers.

Get the Ndless SDK r765 if you want to write your own USB drivers. Note that only basic interrupt transfer support has been tested.

Discuss about it on Omnimaga.

(many thanks to Rhombicuboctahedron for the video)

18 thoughts on “Introducing HIDn – USB HID drivers

  1. Hello, if you need more repositories, svn/git/trac/anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

    best regards and congrats for all the good work.

  2. On the blue non CAS with Clickpad would it be possible to get the system wide mouse or would that need a Touchpad inserted?

  3. Thanks man! Works fine on my Cas clickpad. I am using my dads old logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, no hub and they both work fine at the same time! If it is possible, could there be some buttons that can work with ctl, shift and other maths functions? That would be good. My main issue is that it eats through my batteries,so i am moving to rechargeable batteries. I bought the usb converter off ebay for $2.75.

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks Palanator for your feedback.
      Which key combo doesn’t work that you would want to use? Note that the keyboard layout will be entirely rewritten to support all keys and modifiers.

      1. The plus (equals) button doesn’t work and the minus button, but they work on the numeric keypad, which is great because i use it in class to type faster. The ctr and shift buttons don’t really work as well, If i hold them it comes up on the screen but no action works (eg crt+v) same with the shift button. Toggling doesn’t work either, because it just wont toggle. Will there be emulator support implemented in the future as well?

      2. Thanks, I’ll have a closer look at these ones.

        Will there be emulator support implemented in the future as well?
        Do you mean for the computer emulator nspire_emu or the system emulators such as gbc4nspire or gpSP-Nspire?
        System emulators should be able to read key and mouse events in the future, but I currently don’t know how this will impact performance.

      3. Is it possible to include somehow Greek letters as well? Possibly by pressing alt+shift the driver could swap to Greek layout?

        Furthermore, I would like to report that my Logitech M705 mouse is working just fine, but the Rii Mini i6 (RT-MWK06) touchpad doesn’t misinterprets left/right for up/down. so only up and down!

        Finally, for those who lost the original mini-A to mini-B connector or can’t find a mini-b usb hub, search in ebay or local search engines/stores for OTG (On-The-Go) mini cables.

        I got mine and even can transfer files to other calcs by using my OTG mini adapter, and the regular mini-B cable for the computer.
        For more info on OTG:

      4. It would be really helpful if there was a way to record keystrokes, special keys, key combinations and store them in a cfg file where we could connect the keystroke code with a key-combination on the nspire.

        For example
        keyboard -> calculator
        CapsLock -> ctrl+shift
        ContextMenu -> ctrl+menu
        Super -> menu
        Ctrl+Super -> doc

        In that way, users can program their own schema according to the function keys of their keyboard.
        I can’t imagine a way though to implement Greek or any other locale. It seems the only way is from the character selector.

  4. Hello ExtendeD, I’m trying to run this drivers on Ndless r1006 for 3.6, i can run my mouse, and my keyboard. The problem is: if I plug my USB hub, it says that there was a problem, even when the drivers are loaded. My USB hub is a Logitech Crystal Hub with 7 ports. Do i need to write a driver?

  5. hello, i’ve just installed this driver on my cx cas, with os the message “HDI USB drivers installed” appeared, but mouse doesn’t work when i connect usb reciver.
    How i can solve?

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