Ndless 4.4: The wait is over!

We received many requests regarding Ndless for OS 4.3.

However, updating Ndless to support a newer OS release is a lot of time-consuming work, this time it took a bit longer than expected. Long enough that OS 4.4 was getting close enough to just skip 4.3 entirely.

This version was originally meant to be released in a few days, but early tests turned out to be so successful (suspiciously successful) that we decided to just flip the switch earlier.

And here you go: Ndless for OS is ready for download!

Get Ndless 4.4.
Follow the installation guide.
Load your TI-Nspire with native programs (maybe khicas, MicroPython or nQuake?)

18 thoughts on “Ndless 4.4: The wait is over!

    1. Please share some more details, which hardware you run it on. It is possible that the exploit failed, just try again. Also make sure that ndless_resources.tns is the right one and in the correct place.

      1. i have transfered everything; ndless_resources.tns, ndless_installer_4.4.0.tns. Its in a folder called ndless that isnt within any other folder. I am on but when i open the installer and press ctrl+w it just goes to the home screen?

  1. I can get ndless to install but anything i try to run just reboots the calculator using a E version on Tried mViewer cx, nPDF, nClock, and nsNandMgr.

  2. Good job on getting ndless working on version 4.4! I have been meaning to install ndless but I am worried I would not be allowed to use my ti nspire cx on the SAT after installing it. Would they have any way of telling if I uninstall it before the exam?

  3. I’ve got 4.5 installed on my TI-Nspire CX. Is it possible to install Ndless somehow, maybe by somehow downgrading tto 4.4? Or when will Ndless 4.5 be released if this is impossible?

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