Ndless r2017 adds support for OS and

You can download the latest release of Ndless here!

This release includes an installer for the latest OS versions for CX ( and CX II ( models, which were just released a few days ago. It retains support for the slightly older releases (, as well, in the same installer files. In total, this means that this installer supports 10 different OSs and with this release, ndless_resources.tns reached support for 42 OS versions, all the way back to!

The announcement for CX II support includes some more information about the CX II for users and developers.

Changes since r2016:

  • OS (CX, CX CAS) and (CX II, CX II-T, CX II CAS) are now supported
  • When using CX II HW rev. AK+, the touchpad works in nespire and minivmac now
  • The undocumented “calchook” was dropped (#267), making ndless_resources.tns smaller
  • The 4.5.3/4.5.4/5.2/5.3 installer shows a message when installation fails
  • The 4.5.3/4.5.4/5.2/5.3 installer doesn’t crash after the first few installation attempts

The SDK includes some changes as well:

  • ndless_installer_4.5.tns can be built on macOS again (#200)
  • Some memory leaks in runtime code got fixed (#263#264)
  • Migration from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (#227)
  • nSDL got lcd_blit related fixes for leaks and crashes (#261)

7 thoughts on “Ndless r2017 adds support for OS and

  1. Hi Fabian – is a version for OS 5.3.2 being worked on? – I stupidly upgraded before reading install instructions – i.e. shall I wait or just give up – your efforts are much appreciated… Chris

  2. Same question as Rodrigo, i’ve bought a nspire cx cas and updated it to without checking. Is there any update on the progress of a new version ? because i’m thinking of selling mine to find an other that is not updated.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Me too unfortunately, i needed the update to solve a software issue, but now I’ve the and no ndless.
      Can we have at least some news?
      Is anyone working on this?

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